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The Full Story

Projects & Contributors

Our Story wouldn't be as successful without the great people involved in it! We never stop being amazed

about the generosity of people! Honestly it is the little things that makes this place so great...

 From the founder, Bill Sterling & family, his friends & supporters in the early 2000s...

to the people that came to help to save this wonderful place from pending doom of townhouse development...  

to the people that came to help with the down payment...

 to the loan company that believed in this dream...

to the companies that donated goods, services and the endless hours of the volunteers...

to the tirelessness to complete projects and crazy,  full of ideas, owner/operators.

Their generosity has made a difference. 

Yes, it's the lil things, believe it. We had contributors of $50 to $50,000, volunteers from 5 years old

to 85, some gave a blink of an eye, some days, weeks and our volunteer camp host, months.



 To provide and preserve a public access to the equestrian & public trails in the Boise National Forest and a venue for the promotion of outdoor recreational activities, equine-oriented events, and opportunities to advance and enhance physical, emotional and spiritual growth in the community, our veterans and youth.


We are working on great programs and events that Legacy Park @ Cowboy Campground will offer including the following: working with the Idaho Veterans Network, 

the Idaho Back Country Veterans, the VFW, and other family and faith based organizations. 

Additional events/programs offered: affordable wedding venue, retreats, clinics & seminars, horse & group camping events, as well as free and/or discounted summer

camps for 4-H, scouts and youth events. 

Our expanded vision is to promote and provide services for outdoor education, challenges for health, fitness and to nurture healing, physical & mental health.


Our next major goal is to raise enough funds to continue upgrading the Park and write grants so that the land and

the resources can be transferred into our Trust. Through fundraising, private donations, sponsorships and corporate gifts Legacy Park Trust will be able to protect this

resource for generations to come. 

saddle-419745 (1).jpg


509(a)(2) or 501c3 Approved with an effective date of 12/4/2020.   EIN: 85-4154742 - Legacy Park Trust Inc.

After 9 long months of waiting the needed determination letter arrived from the IRS, we are legit and so proud of this accomplishment. 

We are taking tax deductible contributions to work on our greatest achievement yet. To own the 15 acres outright and have it in a nonrevocable trust to keep it a park and campground forever for families and campers to enjoy. 

Please consider helping to make this goal happen sooner then later, we are currently paying on a loan and would rather invest the interest spent each month on improvements to the park and campground for easier access and full services, which are needed, especially for our veterans with needs and families with handicaps. Legacy Park Trust Inc. is also in need of directors for their Board, to help grow and fundraise for the future. 

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More of Our Story...

2022 Article published: Cowboy Campground at Legacy Park, Idaho City - The New Generation Sometimes, even in the midst of a pandemic one gets a call that is life changing. One Tuesday evening in July, Bob and Sabrina Amidon, received a phone call from a friend. All the caller said, “I know you are avid horse people, did you hear that Cowboy Campground in Idaho City is for sale?” That left a bit of urgency. Quick research confirmed the news and a plan was put together, with the help of Hopkins Finance, an offer was turned in, all in just 14 hours from receiving the phone call. Crazy times sometimes needs quick actions; with this Cowboy Campground has been saved and will be preserved. It will continue as a Horseman’s first resource for camping in the Boise National Forest within an hour drive of Boise. The Amidon’s got the assistance of other horse people and raised the needed down payment in record time to make sure the closing could happen. They created Cowboy Campground LLC, got their business licenses and after closing and now owning a campground a huge fund-raiser was implemented and after just three weeks Cowboy Campground at Legacy Park has been created with 14 brand new Horse Campsites which include the sponsors name, new panels, new picnic tables and a lil bit of love. Rocky Mountain Gravel LLC with the help of several volunteers spend three long weekends pulling tree stumps, grading the sites and hooking up to city water to provide another service to future campers, drinking water for the equines. It was a great moment on the last afternoon opening the faucet for the 1st time and having clear water shoot out, since there was a concern about not having enough pressure to bring water to the upper part of the horse sites. The little cabins received some long needed TLC and are repainted. One is now a dedicated Chapel to hold weddings and lots of other functions. There was lots of commitments by like minded horse friends and companies in helping with endless hours and hard work. Please take a moment and see the wonderful list of volunteers and supporters at website. The owners were blown away at times with the thoughtfulness they have received in the last three months and appreciate every moment, including the great feedback received on social media as in person. Legacy Park will soon be a great destination for retreats, youth camps, educational clinics, Equine Sport challenges and off course long trail rides and trips to Idaho City. With that said, they are looking for sponsors and grants to help create an amazing park for Boise County and the City of Idaho City to be proud of. The future for this 15 acres is to be preserved as it is intended to be: “a Campground” for future generations to enjoy with their horses. The current owners next step is to create non-profit 501-3-c organization to oversee and run this gem in the rough and grow it to be a marvelous destination. Cowboy Campground at Legacy Park will be able to not only be an ever expanding horse campground/park that will offer educational & training events, trail rides, large gatherings for horse groups (ladies yoga events) and seminars, 4-H, youth, rodeo bible camps, but also will expand to RV, tent and camp trailer parking for off-road enthusiasts on the lower level of the grounds (on the final stage for the Spring 2021), leaving the upper area, with the horse arena to our equine friends and non-motorized campers. The last two months of the 2020 season already showed growth in adding additional new horse campsites with new corrals, picnic tables and contribution signs at each site. With changing the former rustic courtyard into an event area and turning a small building into a sweet little chapel, they will be hosting weddings, family events, corporate dry camping retreats in addition to horse camps and educational events. “In-the-planning stages” are a challenge walking trail, that will also offer educational/historic/forestry references and will also feature fitness tips for beginners and will challenge the athlete in everyone and yoga/fitness retreats for all levels. Not only are so many fun plans already in the works, but to secure the ongoing success and keeping this gem in the rough in the hands of owners with the foresight to keeping it as intended a new non-profit a 501c3 foundation has been created. Legacy Park Trust Inc. will oversee and run Legacy Park @ Cowboy Campground to ensure it will be conserved for future equine families to come after it will purchase it from the current owners. With losing so much private land to developers, this is a pertinent piece of property that needs saving and preserving. 2022 was the the starting point of being able to receive funding and accept donations at a Trust Account at Wells Fargo, which will hold in-trust the donations received to purchase the land. After the purchase the Nonprofit will help grow and run this great facility and allow for other nonprofit organizations to use it for camps and events, at no charge to them if need arises, and keep this wonderful Gem in The Rough out of the hands of developers. If you would like more information on helping make their goal, please contact them through their website,

2020 Article published: Preservation of our western heritage in Idaho City is so important. This is why the partners of Cowboy Campground LLC, with investment help through both small and large contributions from other caring horse people, have assembled in very short time in order to purchase the property known as Cowboy Campground from the Bill Sterling family trust. These 15 acres have become a steadfast fixture for the last 23 years for horsemen to get together in Idaho City for camping trips, riding events like the Equestrian Trail Sports, the annual St. Jude’s Fundraiser Ride and other fun horse related activities. We seek to build upon the heritage of the campground and incorporate it into an even greater legacy known as Legacy Park. Would you like to help in this important effort by either contributing time for improvements or help with contributions towards making this “Gem in the Rough” a memorable park, where truly memorable events such as rustic cowboy weddings can take place? Here are a few ideas on how you can become a benefactor of this wonderful place, just 1 mile from Idaho City and 2.5 miles from The Springs. Camp Site Sponsors Needed! Located only 40 miles from Boise in historic Idaho City and adjacent to the Boise National Forest, Cowboy Campground at Legacy Park is a special and unique place for horse lovers of all ages. We are one of the largest equine campgrounds in the Mountain West with access to miles of trails, over 30 horse friendly camping spots, a practice arena, quaint Western style buildings and more. We are working to improve and expand our existing camping spots which offers a unique opportunity for sponsorship by individuals, families, equine-related businesses, riding and breed organizations and businesses, as well as training facilities. When you choose to sponsor a campsite for improvement, all funds donated go towards new panels for the horse corrals, a permanently installed picnic table, new fire rings as well as other site improvements. Each sponsor/group will be featured on signage at the campsite and on our website and can also leave literature about their pursuits in a provided box or a small sign. Your $3,000 donation also provides ongoing name recognition of your support of the future Cowboy Campground Legacy Non-profit Foundation for a minimum of five years. Chapel Construction & Contributions! With over a million horses in Idaho, equine-related activities have been both an important part of Idaho’s history and its future. Cowboy Campground at Legacy Park has long been a very popular recreation destination for horse lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. The Cowboy Campground LLC has recently purchased this property to hold in trust to be managed through a soon to be created non-profit foundation for generations to come. We are excited to begin many improvements to this special facility. With already over 30 horse camping spots and overflow areas, an arena and access to the Idaho City Rodeo Grounds, many hundreds of horsemen and their families use the facility each year. Our new improvements will make Cowboy Campground even more special and suitable for hosting more and larger events such as clinics, workshops, retreats, and children’s day and week camps. Nestled among pine trees surrounding a large courtyard and adjacent to three historic cabins modeled after buildings present in pioneer gold mining towns, the Miner’s Chapel at Cowboy Campground will provide a perfect space for worship services, weddings, memorial services and more. Thanks to your corporate gift Cowboy Campground will be able to host an even larger variety of events and dramatically increase the number of people who will get to enjoy our beautiful mountainside location. As the corporate sponsor of the new chapel your contribution will not only ensure the preservation of the land and trail access but also provide a special place of peace, beauty, and reflection. By donating to the creation of the new chapel your organization will be recognized as a founding donor, provided with signage at Cowboy Campground with a beautiful plaque on the building, as well as on our website and other marketing materials. (A wedding photo shoot is in the planning as soon as the building is erected). Cowboy Campground is beloved by the thousands of horsemen who use our facility annually. By expanding access in the winter to nordic sports enthusiasts and snowmobiles, even more outdoorsmen will be part of supporting the ongoing operation of our non-profit foundation that is dedicated to preserving this unique facility. Your sponsorship will reflect your business’ ongoing commitment to the equestrian and recreational sports communities. Paving the way for generations to come! By sponsoring a brick for the courtyard in front of the chapel you can help us fulfill our mission to protect and preserve this special place for generations to come. An 8x4 laser engraved brick will become a permanent testimony of your support. Courtyard bricks can be engraved with your personal name, business name or in honor of a loved one. If you would like to create a memorial to honor a special horse, dog or other pet we would encourage you to sponsor an 8x8 laser engraved paving stone that will be placed along our new Reflection and Recreation Trail. Courtyard bricks sponsorship is $250 and memorial paving stones can be sponsored for $350. All funds raised go toward our non-profit foundation. Please go to our special fund-raising webpage where you can customize your brick size selection and your choice of engraved message... (Soon To Come) Resting - A bench will make that possible! Not only can you engrave your name on a brick, but we are looking in creating Memorial Benches along our trail and other special areas. If you like to help, please consider having us place a bench on the property and be part of our Idaho City Legacy Park. Cowboy Campground has long been a gathering place for hundreds of horse lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. We are currently starting on a half mile walking path that will not only feature signs about the area’s history, flora and fauna but will also include several exercise stops with nearby resting benches. Walking and staying healthy is a priority for many today, especially senior citizens and this walking path will be a fun and safe place to walk. By sponsoring a bench for the trail, you can help us fulfill our mission to preserve this special place for generations to come and also creating another wonderful place for local residents.The benches will be custom ordered and will be adorned with a sign and an inscription chosen by you. The benches are special orders and will be $1500. All funds raised go towards our upcoming non-profit foundation. Reflection & Recreation Trail! Legacy Park at Cowboy Campground is getting an exciting new foot walking trail in the tradition of German recreation parks: you walk a little, you exercise a little or more. We are currently starting on a .5 mile walking path that will not only feature different grades of difficulty, but we are looking for a corporate sponsor/gift to also add different outdoors exercise posted signage with three degrees of difficulties, for instance triple horizontal fitness bar for pull ups, or a few spots to lay down rubber mats for a sit ups, leg crunches, a fitness strider/air walker, tri fitness station, challenge ladders horizontals, parallel bars etc.. Each station will show exercises of elevating degrees, from beginner to experts, including breathing exercises for reflection, thoughtfulness, and stretching. By sponsoring this trail you will create a healthier guest and lots of fun in using this trail.

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