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Legacy Park Trust Inc. is an Idaho non-profit & 501c3 whose purpose is to purchase, manage and preserve
Cowboy Campground at Legacy Park in Idaho City, Idaho

Through the generous financial support of our original stakeholders the land title was provisionally secured in August 2020 and many improvements have already been made. 

Our next major goal is to raise enough funds to continue upgrading the Park and write grants so that the land and the resources can be transferred into our Trust. Through fundraising, private donations, sponsorships and corporate gifts Legacy Park Trust will be able to protect this resource for generations to come. 

A Trust account has been created, whose sole purpose will be to hold donations in-trust until such time enough money has been raised for the buyout. 

The donations are tax deductible and we are ready to receive large and smaller amounts. 










We are working on great programs and events that Legacy Park @ Cowboy Campground will offer. Including working with the Idaho Veterans Network and the Idaho Back Country Veterans as well as the VFW and other family and faith based organizations. 

Additional programs are: affordable wedding venue, retreats, clinics & seminars, horse & group camping events, as well as free and discounted summer camps for 4-H and youth events, we already hosted a Scout Troup and Ladies Camps. 

The Future Needs a Lil Help


     To provide and preserve a public access to the equestrian & public trails in the Boise National Forest and a venue for the promotion of outdoor recreational activities, equine-oriented events, and opportunities to advance and enhance physical, emotional

and spiritual growth in the community.

Our expanded mission is to promote and provide services for outdoor education, challenges for health, fitness and to nurture healing, physical & mental health. 

Just a scenic hour drive from Boise, Legacy Park @ Cowboy Campground is a step back in time where we can relive the fun of camping and attending youth events.

Idahoans are quickly losing access to open lands to development, our first goal is to save Cowboy Campground at Legacy Park by the 501c3 creation of a non-revocable land trust.

We are actively looking for grants and funding to help make this “gem in the rough” a vital place for future generations to enjoy. 

Organizations interested in helping to raise funds or to help with the completion of projects, will receive a pre-arranged exchange for the use of the facility and can add plaques to show their patronage of special projects. 

All donations to Legacy Park Trust Inc. are tax deductible and will be used for the purchase of the park and improvements.

Now is your chance to help create a legacy for future families and organizations to utilize and enjoy this area.

Cowboy Campground LLC already has a solid reputation as good neighbors in Boise County and are also giving back to the Idaho City Community by supporting their Foodbank and Chamber or Commerce fundraisers and adding public events each year. 

We are grateful to everyone who has already donated and pledged their support for our mission.

We hope you will support Legacy Park Trust @ Cowboy Campground by choosing us as the location for your next event or camping excursion.
Utilizing our “old West” facilities (refurbished miners cabins and Western Chapel) for a wedding memorial, family or group gathering. 

All sponsorships inquiries and financial donations should be directed to our President, Sabrina Amidon, 208.362.4343, Pastor Frank Hartmann, 208.362.2785. 

The email is:

Want to Help the Future?

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Our Mission

Here are a few complete Projects, we are constantly improving, moving and shaking things up!

Western Chapel

Our 1st completed Project in 2021

40thAnniversaryReflections (57).jpg

Remodel of the Western Cabins

We started with bare bones and after cleaning, scrubbing, sanding, repainting, adding new flooring, walls, dry wall and paint, we gave them a new purpose.

Buildings (10).jpg

Campsite Sponsorships

Another amazing project happened, we sold 17 sponsorships to improve the horse corrals and camping sites on the upper level. This is an ongoing campaign, check with us. 

Campsites (22).jpg

The Cook House "The Roxie"

The original Drive Through Coffee Hut in Cascade Id. We purchased and moved it in 2021

40thAnniversaryReflections (45).jpg

Water Service to Upper Level

One of our greatest accomplishments in the Fall of 2021, adding 14 water faucets

ImprovementWorkDays (6).jpg

Courtyard improvements and Arena adds

July 2022 had the biggest impact on our courtyard with a gorgeous seating area, flag post & gazebo being added by The Home Depot Foundation. 2021 we were able to add a 2nd Rounpen.

FallLadiesRetreat2021 (94).jpg

Thank YOU

Sponsors, the Life Line for Non Profits!

We wish to once again express our continued gratitude to all of our sponsors, contributors, volunteers and friends for making a difference in our quest!

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