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The Projects & Contributors

The Western Chapel

1st Dream Project

Thank You to all the Chapel Contributors


Dearson Contractors LLC 

Allen Grant, S5 Construction Inc. 

Bob & Bonnie Powers

Stor-Mor Sheds

Bill Murphy

Adam Roe Painting, Inc. & Risa Roe and her crew 

Valley Truss Company/Duane Staack 

Sue Dirig

Pam Newell

Doug Pottenger - Season’s Restaurant

Northwest Interiors - Drywall Hanging

L&W Supply - Drywall

Pave Hawk Construction - Chapel Steps

17 Campsite Sponsors

Amazing Transformations 2020 - 2021

Thank You to all the 
Campsite Sponsors

Karen Danley
Arlynn Hacker
Hidden Valley Ranch LLC & Boarders
Laughing Horse/Risa Roe & Boarders
Cullen & Kimberly Raley & Family
Equine Body Balance/Toni Bucciero
Allen Grant, S5 Construction Inc. 
Heather Eastman
Bob & Bonnie Powers
Bill & Lois Murphy
Adam Roe Painting, Inc.  
Right Turn Ranch, Diane Carty
Bill & Elizabeth Piper
Linda Erickson
Kaizen Farm/Kim Moyer
Nancy White
Wendy McCullogh


Water - 13 Frost Frees

 Fall 2021

Thank you, is sometimes not enough, we had amazing people helping with this project. Cullen, Bill, Bobby, Steve.... and Bob with his equipment and all the time he is giving to our great place. July 2022 Bob and our amazing camp host Mike are working on the new sewer lines. Step by Step. Gravel deliveries from Rocky Mountain Gravel, equipment and truck rentals.

Western Town Buildings

The Pink & The Blue (09/2020)

Huge shoutout to Ann & Kiera, Bessie, Sue, Pam, Sue & Dan, Risa & Adam Roe, their crew and many many more for helping for a weekend, hours or just hanging out supporting us while se scraped, painted, washed, cleared out buildings, 2 huge dump runs, adding walls, dry wall, painting and having the flooring donated by Great Floors and installed by Mickey Russel & son. We have met and worked with so many great folks, please forgive me if I forgot to mention someone. Arlynn & Dave have spent endless hours helping and the hours Cullen & Kimberly spent with us. So appreciate everyone.

Graphic & Web design Contributor

One of our biggest supporters is Tracy M. and her company, Gittyupgo & Image by Design (now retired).

She has designed our logo (Mystic Bob is a donation from Hidden Valley Ranch), our signs, the brochures, banners and our old websites. Has tireless been my backbone on the ad

and design front and my  sounding board and critic.

Thank you Tracy for always being there for us. 

Another contributor in this field is Cherie Dillon, who is a Graphic Designer located in the Treasure Valley.

She helped with setting up our new website!

Thank you for your help!

Courtyard Seating

2021 Dream/2022 Reality

One of our dreams last year just became true, July 2022. Thanks to The Home Depot Foundation, Knife River for the concrete and the great help of volunteers, we are the proud owner of a gorgeous seating area, fireplace, cooking Gazebo and flagpole, amazing, it will be such joy to show this project off. Thank you Alicia for all your help and Sue for making the connection. An impressive

statement for our Courtyard.  

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