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Make a Difference

Here are a few ideas we have incorporated to help our cause.

Ideas & custom request gladly added & considered, please contact us!

Sponsors will get a mention and sign depending on size of contribution.

Chuckwagon (29).jpg

Brown Building Revamp/Restore

Building needs new siding,  painted, leveled, new roof

and flooring.

Approx. $2,500 or contribute by doing the work for us.

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Monetary Contribution

Of course the mighty Dollar can help us in many ways. We need to add to the infrastructure with power/water/sewer services. And to purchase the land outright from the investor group.

We can help you pick a project or let us put it into our Trust Fund for the final purchase. 


Memorial Gifting

In Memory of a Loved One

We care for the memories of your loved ones and offer Memorial Markers, Benches or special sponsorships to honor your special person or four-legged family member, a great reminder of their legacy and life accomplishments.

Starting at $700

40thAnniversaryReflections (61).jpg

Event Sponsor(s)

We are doing several community events and wonderful challenges at Cowboy Campground and always are welcoming Sponsors for these events. Please contact us!

Campsites (18).jpg

Campsite Sponsorships

Want to add your families or companies name to one of our site signs? Become a campsite sponsor, we can either personalize a site to your needs, or join in and let us spruce a site up for you, with a Gazebo, Picnic Table, Fireplace & contributor sign,

starting at $3,000

FallLadiesRetreat2021 (118).jpg

Arena & Roadside Fencing

Arena fencing would be a great plus. A wooden fence along Highway 21 would be a wonderful addition to keep things safe.

Want to Help the Future?

Making a Difference Updates:

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