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Make a Difference

Here are a few ideas we have incorporated to help our cause.

Ideas & custom request gladly added & considered, please contact us!

Sponsors will get a mention and sign depending on size of contribution.

Chuckwagon (29).jpg

Brown Building Revamp/Restore

Building needs new siding,  painted, leveled, new roof

and flooring.

Approx. $2,500 or contribute by doing the work for us.

20210731_105523 (2).jpg

Monetary Contribution

Off course the mighty Dollar can help us in many ways. We need to add to the infrastructure with power/water/sewer services. And to purchase the land outright from the investor group.

We can help you pick a project or let us put it into our Trust Fund for the final purchase. 


Memorial Gifting

In Memory of a Loved One

We care for the memories of your loved ones and offer Memorial Markers, Benches or special sponsorships to honor your special person or four-legged family member, a great reminder of their legacy and life accomplishments.

Starting at $700

40thAnniversaryReflections (61).jpg

Event Sponsor(s)

We are doing several community events. To keep the October, Spooky Family Fall Festival weekend going, we need a corporate sponsor for this. We do all the legwork and advertise the sponsorship every way possible. $5,000

Campsites (18).jpg

Campsite Sponsorships

Want to add your families or companies name to one of our site signs? Become a campsite sponsor, we can either personalize a site to your needs, or join in and let us spruce a site up for you, with a Gazebo, Picnic Table, Fireplace & contributor sign,

starting at $3,000

FallLadiesRetreat2021 (118).jpg

Arena & Roadside Fencing

Arena fencing would be a great plus. A wooden fence along Highway 21 would be a wonderful addition to keep things safe.

Want to Help the Future?

Making a Difference Updates:

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