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Legacy Park Riders Association & Riding Opportunities

Great Perks to be a Member of this Free Spirited Group

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2022 was the start of a new association for great riding folks, small groups of riding buddies that need a place to be covered under insurance to be able to participate in drill competitions, parades and produce small events.
Cowboy Campground at Legacy Park just outside of Idaho City with easy access off Highway 21 is growing and a great
idea derived  from one of the board members, Kim Hartmann. 

The original idea was to start a riding group, called Legacy Park Riders Association, which ties in with our name, Legacy Park Trust, a 501c3 nonprofit which was created to raise the funds to purchase the 15 acres; to preserve it from future development. It  will be put into a land conservation to protect it forever and keeping it open for families to enjoy forever.


Why a New Group

As things are getting set up, we are now actually creating a blanket organization that will also welcome smaller, nonprofit groups, that otherwise, would not be able to grow or allow a small group to compete, show or participate in parades and expos. 

We have a large arena, 2 fenced round pens that are usually sitting empty during the week and lots of weekends, why not get utilization for them. 


Did you know that Idaho City has a very nice Rodeo Arena, conveniently neighboring Cowboy Campground that can be rented for $84 per day plus a $150 deposit, the City does need an insurance writer, otherwise is cannot be rented, our Association will have the insurance to cover that area. 


The Treasure Valley is outgrowing their competitive arenas, and Idaho City is just an hour drive to enjoy trail riding, no need to drive dusty, ruddy forest roads hours away from Boise when we can have a closer place to recreate and ride, or use as a hub to get to bigger areas.


What Does It Take To Join

Challenge us for your Event

Regular Membership: $100 annual fee or $150 per family 

Added Benefits: 
•    2 Nights Free horse site per annum, that can also be gifted to friends ($55 value)
•    Free Day Rides ($10 value)
•    Discounted entry fees to Legacy Park Events or sponsored clinics

Associate Membership:  $250 annual fee 
•    4 Nights Free horse site per annum, can also be gifted to friends ($110 value)
•    Free Day Rides for 2 trailers ($20 value) 
•    Discounted entry fees to Legacy Park Events or sponsored clinics
You can also join as an affiliate or non rider supporter for this nonprofit. 

More information & Forms

Legacy Park Riders Sponsored Events
June 8 - 9                                   St Jude's Fun Ride Weekend   
June 9                                        Legacy Park Riders Meeting    
Sep 20 - 22                        Legacy Pony Express & Trail Challenge     


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